Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's all related: Fruits/Veggies may help smokers quit

You've probably read in various places along the way that smokers can use exercise to help them quit.  (Smokers try doing 20-30 minutes of light to moderate cardio as many times during the day as you can to help fight the cravings.)  But, get this..

Fruits, Veggies May Help Smokers Quit
Those who ate more produce smoked less, waited longer to light up each day, study found.

In a future post, I'll talk about the "downward spiral" that a lot of people go through as their health degrades. They lose sleep, eat poorly, and fail to stay active.  Failing in one aspect of health and fitness causes future failings in other aspects.  Well, I contend that the same thing happens in reverse.  Instead of the downward spiral, I call it the upward staircase.  You can always see the next dozen or so steps but not much farther up.  But, the farther you go, the more you can see ahead of you.  Each step up makes the next one possible.  Pretty soon, you get to a place that you couldn't have imagined at the bottom.  (The visual works, right?)  

Well, here's a perfect illustration of one of those steps.  Who would have guessed that eating a little better might make it easier to quit smoking?  Well, after reading enough of these articles, maybe you!